Organics + Mechanics is an Organically grown, Mechanically flown, Family-powered woodworking adventure located in Clemmons N.C. Seeded by providence and an air of “if you build it, they will come”, a garage that had once lain fallow was transformed into a production shop ready to tackle any problem.  Our direction and specialization began its journey out of a need for locally made, high quality art supplies. Nourished by years of hard work, and hand-me-downs it has evolved into a business of joy in creativity. With such blessings, we have been given the opportunity to deliver quality customizable bases of supplies and trimmings for artists, DIY’ers, and designers alike.

Jess’ apprenticeship in her father’s antique restoration shop and Luke’s family history of engineering, woodworking, and entrepreneurship have been the roots of our business. As we have branched out from our first product line we have taken great joy in working with our clients to facilitate creativity through their own designs; be it: customizing frames, display pedestals, shadow boxes, or completely new and original ideas for something unrelated to art.

From design, to selection of materials, cutting and joining, sanding and finishing; our frames are Made-to-Order, using high-quality hardwood, and superior craftsmanship.  No factory made mouldings, or assembly using staples, brads, underpins, or nails. Each frame is assembled with good ol’ fashioned glue and clamps; then sanded, stained, and finally, a clear coat of lacquer is applied for durability and a nice finish.

We take pride in our products, stand by our reputation for good, honest hard work, and wholeheartedly believe that the Artist’s creativity doesn’t have to end at the edge of a canvas!

Luke + Jess