Hardwood Plein Aire Panels

Organics + Mechanics' Wooden Painter's Panel (O+M "Memory Maker Kit" Panel) measuring 1/2" thick. For Painting + Mounting Art + More! Custom sizes and thicknesses available upon request! FREE SHIPPING! Wood panels are a wonderful alternative to canvas, providing a versatile, economical, and elegant medium for you work. All panels are lightly sanded with a fine grit and constructed of 1/2" Birch hardwood plywood. Birch plywood is a relatively closed grained wood that is sturdy enough for acrylics, oils, watercolors, mixed media; or thick applications of paint, encaustic, and more. Each panel has one lightly primed side and one raw side, giving you the option to choose your working surface. It also serves as a great Mount for works on paper, fabric, or other thin materials that require support for mounting.

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