• Locally Sourced Lumber

    Locally Sourced

    We take pride in the fact that our products are built from hand picked, locally sourced, sustainable wood. Every piece we make is cut, fit, and finished by hand. The lumber we use for our frames is mostly Poplar, a species of trees that is fast-growing and replenishes itself quickly. We use 100% hardwood that is plantation or 100% sustainably certified woods for our panels and cradled panels.

    Poplar is a lightweight , finely textured wood commonly found in white to yellowish brown in color that darkens with maturity. Also found with mineral staining that is referred to as “rainbow poplar” which can range in appearance with dark purple, red, green, and bright yellow. Our stock however, sticks to the light cream to pale yellow range. It’s beautiful simplicity, workability; and straight uniform grain with a durable, yet soft texture makes it a great medium for frames.

    Every handcrafted frame that we make goes through a multi-step finishing process, so each one is unique. However, there is not enough variation that would make each stain look drastically different, so feel reassured that you will get an aesthetically consistent product whether you hang 1 or 20 together on a wall.

  • Family Owned + Operated

    We are a family run business dedicated to providing the highest level of quality in craftsmanship and materials . We strive to combine consistent work ethic, fine craftsmanship, and innovative adaptive thinking to produce a superior quality product.

    As artists, we understand the challenge in finding quality and affordable supplies. Each one of our pieces is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. The heart of our business stems from our passions for creating, and we hope you feel that in each one of our products.

    Luke + Jess

  • Made In The USA